Lushan Mountain
IntroductionSituated in the north of Jiangxi Province, at 115°52'-116°08E'29°26-29°4
The Five-Old-Man Peak
IntroductionFive-Old man Peak are located in the southeast of the Lushan Mountain, next to the P
Three Stage Spring
IntrouductionThe three stages are formed by spring water flowing down two huge rocks and it is c
Hanpo Pass
IntroductionFrom this mountain pass overlooking the vast and misty Poyang Lake, visitors can see
Flower Path (Huajing)
IntroductionThis park is said to be where the distinguished Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi (772-846)
Dragon Head Cliff (Longshouya)
IntroductionThis cliff has been described poetically as a dragon ready to leap into the sky. Bel
The Brocade Valley
IntroductionIn this deep and sudden valley, flowers are always in full bloom ,which are so brill
Academy of White Beer Cave
IntroductionBailudong Academy is situated o­n the southern foot of Lushan Mountain of Jiangx
Xiufeng Peak
Brief IntroductionXiufeng Peak is in Xingzi Country,Jiangxi which is o­n the south

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